Renato D'Agostin - Catalogue


Renato D'Agostin - Catalogue


Title: Kahmann Gallery catalogue

Photographer: Renato D'Agostin

Publisher: Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam

Year: 2018

Binding: Softcover

Pages: 32 pp.

Size: 21 x 15 cm

Language: English

About the artist:

Renato D’Agostin (b. 1983, Italy) started his career in photography in Venice, Italy in 2001. The atmosphere of city life nourished his curiosity to capture life situations with the camera. For this, in 2002, he journeys through the capitals of Western Europe. After a period in Milan, he moved overseas exploring photography in New York. In the dynamic city life he had the chance to meet photographer Ralph Gibson and later on become his assistant.

His works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Europe, United States and Asia and published in numerous books. Some of his prints have in the years become part of public collections such as The Library of Congress and The Phillips Collection in Washington DC, the International Center of Photography in New York, as well as LACMA in Los Angeles, the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona and the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris among others.

Dislocating subjects from their realities, he depicts his perception of the space around him, the relationship between the architecture and people, opening a new portal in the spectator’s imagination.

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