Stephan Vanfleteren - Atlantic Wall (Signed copy)


Stephan Vanfleteren - Atlantic Wall (Signed copy)


Title: Atlantic Wall

Photographer: Stephan Vanfleteren

Text: Stephan Vanfleteren

Design: Tim Bisschop, Stephan Vanfleteren

Publisher: Hannibal

ISBN: 9789491376795

Year: 2014

Binding: Hardcover 

Pages: 200 pp.

Size: 19,5 x 28 cm

Language: Dutch / English

Notes: Second edition 2016

About the artist:

Stephan Vanfleteren studied photography at Sint-Lukas Brussels (1988-1992). He worked as a freelance photographer for the newspaper De Morgen from 1993 to 2009, but continued to be involved in his own projects. He specialises in black-and-white portraits and extensive reports at home and abroad. He is currently mainly working for foreign newspapers and magazines. Stephan Vanfleteren is a co-founder of  Kannibaal/Hannibal Publishing and is the company’s Art Director. He has also been a guest lecturer at KASK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in Gent since 2010.

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