Anders Petersen - monograph


Anders Petersen - monograph


Title: Anders Petersen

Photographer: Anders Petersen

Text: Hasse Persson, Urs Stahel

Publisher: Max Ström

ISBN: 9789171262691

Year: 2013

Binding: Hardcover 

Pages: 384 pp.

Size: 23 x 33 cm

Language: Swedish

Notes: 2nd Print

By far the largest monograph on Anders Petersen to date, this magnificent volume contains over 250 of Petersen's most noted photographs taken from his entire body of work from the debut book Gröna Lund to The City Diaries. Additionally, the photographer and former director of the Borås Art Museum in Sweden, Hasse Persson, has contributed a short biography on Petersen's life, his method of work and his way of thinking, which provides a schematic and personal entry into Petersen's creative artistry. An essay by Urs Stahel curator, art critic and director of the Museum for Photography Winterthur in Zürich further illuminates Petersen's photography from an international perspective.

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