Antoine d'Agata - Désordres


Antoine d'Agata - Désordres


Title: Desordres

Photographer: Antoine d'Agata

Text: Antoine d'Agata

Design: Antoine d'Agata / Christophe Laloi

Publisher: Editions Voies Off

ISBN: 9782955344101

Year: 2015

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 32 pp. text and 112 pp. with over 3000 photographs

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Language: French

'Disorders' is Antoine d'Agata’s latest book. It highlights 20 years of his photographic work. 

“Confronted with a global ruling power that generates an inflation of stereotypical images, and with the multiplication of these images by cultural industries, facing a generalised obscenity, being / living has become the sole meaningful challenge; and the sole possible master piece can only be the perpetration of senseless acts.”- Antoine d’Agata

About the artist:

Antoine D'Agata (b. 1961, France) is a notorious character in the world of photography. Best known for his intense and explicit photographs that chronicle his dealings with fear, desire, sex and death, he has spent a career travelling to the very heart of human experience. 

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