Asger Carlsen & Roger Ballen - No Joke


Asger Carlsen & Roger Ballen - No Joke


Title: No Joke

Photographer: Asger Carlsen & Roger Ballen

Publisher: Mörel, London

ISBN: 978-1-907071-56-0

Year: 2016

Binding: Hardcover (linen)

Pages: 72 pp.

Size: 33 x 22,5 cm

Language: English

Notes: Limited edition of 1000

In the collaborative project titled No Joke, artists Roger Ballen (1950, VS) and Asger Carlsen (1973, DK) explore the more sinister sides of the human psyche. Together the duo produced 37 images, without ever working in the same studio at the same time: their creative exchange and co-creation has been a purely online affair. Their menacing work evokes a sense of anxiety and longing that is usually experienced only in dreams. - FOAM

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