Barry Kornbluh - Exposure (Signed & numbered)

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Barry Kornbluh - Exposure (Signed & numbered)


Title: Exposure
Photographer: Barry Kornbluh

Text: Jorre Both

Design: Roy Kahmann

Publisher: Y-Publishers

Year: 2019

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 32 pp.

Size: 15,5 x 21,2 cm

Language: English 

The Real Photobook is published in a limited edition of 200 copies, all signed and numbered by the artist. Each book contains an original tipped-in photograph.

Barry Kornbluh (b. 1952, United States) is a photographer from New York, however currently based in the Netherlands. In his work, he remains committed to a signature style he has been developing for over 40 years, marked both by intimacy and mystery.

Exposure reveals Kornbluh's personal world of close friends and family in grainy black and white photographs that communicate his deep emotions and longing for the past. 

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