Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, the Netherlands) started his intimate relationship with photography by making portraits of his close family. However, since he was chosen as New Dutch Photography Talent 2015 by GUP Magazine, everything changed. The photographer expanded his visual horizons and by immersing himself into the world of exhibitions and photobooks, discovered a style that he is still very faithful to - a mix of Pictorialist romanticism which project Woudt’s emotional intent into the viewer's realm of imagination with sharp and strong focus on detail. This crucial changes in his career led to him being mentioned as one of the biggest talents working today by The British Journal of Photography in the article The Talent Issue: Ones to Watch 2016 and straight after, in 2017, winning the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation Grant.

After this successful start, he travelled to many faraway destinations like Morocco and Uganda, where he worked on his photobooks Bastiaan Woudt in Marokko and Mukono, respectively. In 2018, Woudt also travelled to Kyoto not just to visit the famous Benrido Collotype Atelier, but to print his unique portfolio NUDE that assembled 10 of his most expressive nude images that he shot over the past years. Collotype is a photo printing process that was invented by French photographer Alphonse Louis Poitevin back in 1856 and was immediately accepted by the audience of photographers due to its ability to preserve fine detail in prints. Nowadays, there are only two remaining collotype ateliers in the world, and the larger one, picked by Bastiaan, is Benrido.

Since 2015, Bastiaan Woudt’s work has been added to many private and corporate collections. The artist is now represented by Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam and this year, 2019, Woudt was longlisted for the Prix Pictet the world’s leading award for photography and sustainability.