Bastiaan Woudt - The making of the Nude Portfolio (Signed copy)

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Bastiaan Woudt - The making of the Nude Portfolio (Signed copy)


Title: The making of the Nude Portfolio

Photographer: Bastiaan Woudt

Publishers: Benrido, Kahmann Gallery

Co-publisher/Designer: Roy Kahmann

Text: Willemijn van der Zwaan

Limited edition book signed by Bastiaan Woudt presents the making of a collotype portfolio 'Nude' that includes prints made by Woudt himself in the period between 2015 and 2018. 

The book contains photographs that document the entire process of the collotype printing at the more than 100 year-old Benrido Atelier in Kyoto, Japan. The piece is available in the collector's box 'Nude', but also can be bought separately.

The Japanese pouch-binding technique, Fukurotoji, utilised to create the book, adds a unique touch of tradition and makes each copy truly special.

The edition of 75 copies is sold exclusively at Artibooks

About the artist:

Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, the Netherlands) has seen a meteoric rises within the world of contemporary photography. After starting his own photography practice from scratch a mere five years ago, with no experience or formal training, he has developed into a photographer with his own distinct signature style – abstract yet sharp, with a strong focus on detail. As a student of the history of photography through devouring photobooks and visiting museums and fairs, Woudt has a strong preference for classic subjects, such as portraits and nudes, and we see references to illustrious periods from photography throughout his work, such as Surrealism and the documentary photography of the 1960s and 70s. But through a sophisticated use of both camera and post-production techniques, which he has taught himself by heavily experimenting with both, he gives his own graphic and wholly contemporary twist to the classical.

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