Christien Jaspars - Do


Christien Jaspars - Do


Title: Do

Photographer: Christien Jaspars

Text: 'I know the place' by Harold Pinter

Design: MV Levie van der Meer / Christien Jaspars

Publisher: Stichting Aurora Borealis

ISBN: 9789076703336

Year: 2007

Binding: Hardcover (Van Waarden, Zaandam)

Printing: Tienkamp & Verheij, Groningen

Pages: 68 pp.

Size: 17,5 x 21 cm

Language: Dutch

Notes: Out of print

About the book:

This book is about death, and about our inability to stop time, even though we keep trying. You can definitely see and feel that when you don't know the reason for the photos. Do is a love song for Armando Braag, the beloved of Christien Jaspars, who died in 2001. The very last photo of the book shows him in color, a dark man with a beard and a turban. He lights a cigarette. We won't find out more. It is not necessary either. - Blackbird Bem, The Volkskrant.

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