Ed van der Elsken - Amsterdam! Old Photographs (1947-1970)


Ed van der Elsken - Amsterdam! Old Photographs (1947-1970)


Title: Amsterdam! Old Photographs - 1947-1970

Photographer: Ed van der Elsken

Text: Ed van der Elsken, translated by Beth O'Brien

Design: Anthon Beeke Collectief (AB/C)

Publisher: Top Notch VOF, Bas Lubberhuizen, Lecturis, 4th Edition

The first edition was published in 1979

ISBN: 9789059373808

Year: 2016

Binding: Softcover

Printed: Wilco Art Books

Scans and image processing: Hans Bol, Ooij

Pages: 240 pp.

Size: 29 x 30 cm

Language: English

About the book:

"The photo album Amsterdam! from 1979 is a collection of Ed's best old black and white photos. With the exception of the period 1950-1954, he lived in Amsterdam at the time. He worked a lot in the area of ​​his house on Koningsstraat, so on Nieuwmarkt, Zeedijk and Waterlooplein. An iconic image of the 1950s, the riots in the 1960s, many young people, but also architecture and demolition in the old center of the city. Ed's images are raw and unpolished, sometimes confronting, but always fair.” - Top Notch.

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