Ed van der Elsken - Bagara


Ed van der Elsken - Bagara


Title: Bagara

Photographer: Ed van der Elsken

Tekst: Ed van der Elsken 

Publisher: Amsterdam, de Bezige Bij

Design: Jurriaan Schrofer 

Year: 1958

Binding: Hardcover with dust-jacket 

Pages: 176

Size: 27 x 21 cm

Language: Dutch

Notes: Inserted tekst booklet. Minor damage on cover as seen on photo.

About the book:

In 1956/57, photographer and filmmaker Ed van der Elsken traveled through the interior of Central Africa. From the thousands of photos he took in Africa, Van der Elsken made a choice, which is published in the book Bagara (1958). Bagara means buffalo, an animal that, for Van der Elsken, "unites all the savagery, cunning and zest for life of Africa". The book gives a fascinating impression of daily life in an area where there were few white people then. In addition, let Bagarasee a staggering image of a safari, a big game hunt. Van der Elsken not only shows the horrific animal suffering, but especially the ruthless manner in which whites, as he puts it, "remove everything that is primitive, that stays behind." - Frans Hals Museum.

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