Eddy van Wessel - The Edge of Civilization (Signed copy)


Eddy van Wessel - The Edge of Civilization (Signed copy)


Title: The Edge of Civilization

Photographer: Eddy van Wessel

Text: Wandelmoet Boersema

Essay: Marc McDonald

Design: Bert de Jong

Publisher: edgeofcivilization.com

ISBN: 9789082158905

Year: 2013

Binding: Softcover

Print: Robstolk, Amsterdam

Pages: 202 pp.

Size: 22 x 26 cm

Language: English

About the book:

Photojournalist Eddy van Wessel has journeyed time and again to conflicted regions in order to document the lives of people and refugees there. Bosnia, Gaza, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have all been the subject of his award-winning photographs. This book offers an intimate and confronting look into the world of a conflict photographer.

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