Fons Brasser - Water Towers


Fons Brasser - Water Towers

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Title: Water Towers

Photographer: Fons Brasser

Text: Henk van der Veen

Publisher: Authors, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam

Design: Reynoud Homan

ISBN: 9064505543

Year: 2005

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Pages: 152 pp.

Size: 28,5 x 28,8 cm

Language: English / Dutch / German

About the book:
Dutch water towers are remarkable structures. They were built throughout the country and are invariably striking features of the landscape. Yet although we are all familiar with their curious outward appearance, very few of us have any idea what they look like from the inside. Their inapproachability is a source of fascination and adds to their mysterious appeal. This book is mainly devoted to Fons Brasser’s photographs, which convey the full magic of water towers as seen from the inside. Every one of the pictures reveals the true essence of the tower concerned. Brasser has an unerring talent for identifying and accurately portraying each tower’s most characteristic and mysterious element; be it an isolated technical feature, a dizzying void or a strongly associative blend of light and shade.

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