Frits Berends - Crossroads


Frits Berends - Crossroads


Title: Crossroads

Photographer: Frits Berends

Text: Frits Berends

Design: Roy Karmann

Publisher: Self Published

Year: 2001

Binding: Rubber bound Hardcover

Printed: Gravo Groep

Pages: 28 pp.

Size: 11 x 27,5 cm

Language: English

About the artist:

Frits Berends (b. 1955, the Netherlands) worked in the late 1970s as an assistant photographer with Leo van der Noort, Jan Francis and Kenneth Hope. He also worked from Amsterdam for the magazines Downtown and Zembla. In the eighties, Berends worked in Amsterdam, New York and Milan for leading magazines such as Viva & Cosmopolitan, Elegance, Marie-Claire, Elle, as well as for various advertising agencies for KLM, Bijenkorf, Mexx and Heineken, among others. From 1996 to 2006, Berends made various campaigns for Philip Morris, Budweiser from New York and published his work in the New York Times, Esquire and Red Magazine. He has also exhibited in various galleries in New York and in The Museum of the Barrio. But galleries in Brussels and Amsterdam also exhibited his work. From 2006, Berends focuses more on directing video clips and commercials. With Philip Martijn, he founded Heat Films, a production company that deals with culinary road movies, among other things. - About Art.

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