Henrik Isaksson Garnell - Dissonance


Henrik Isaksson Garnell - Dissonance


Title: Dissonance

Photographer: Henrik Isaksson Garnell

Text: Celina Lunsford, Bill Kouwenhoven

Design: Lasse Burell

Publisher: Kehret Heidelberg Berlin

ISBN: 9783868285093

Year: 2014

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 128 pp.

Size: 22,5 x 28 cm

Language: English

About the book:

In his first monograph Dissonance, Henrik Isaksson Garnell gives us an insight into his work, both sculptural and scientific. He does not take pictures, he builds them. Inanimate objects come alive and new life forms are born. Like an alchemist Henrik Isaksson Garnell has limitless resources and experimentations to perform. His still-lifes merge elements of organic matter and electronic ephemera. Dissonance is an invitation to observe how tensile the photographic process can be.

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