Jehsong Baak (hardcover)

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jehsong version 4.jpg

Jehsong Baak (hardcover)


Title: Jehsong Baak

Photographer: Jehsong Baak

Publisher: HUP Gallery
Design: Roy Kahmann, Hoofdbureau; Marc Heerenveen

Year: 2008

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Size: 25 x 20 cm

Language: English

Notes: Edition of 500, out of print

The covers of most copies are slightly damaged

About the artist:

"Jehsong Baak has produced a wonderful series of images that have the capacity to leave a permanent imprint on one’s mind. Not only has he been able to create photographs with the power to transform consciousness, but the images have the capacity to take the viewer back to another time when black and white film dominated the media." - Roger Ballen

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