Jeroen Hofman - Playground


Jeroen Hofman - Playground


Title: Playground

Photographer: Jeroen Hofman

Text: Prof. Dr. Pieter van Vollenhoven / Prof. Rob de Wijk / Jaus Müller / Danny Koks / Christine Fortgens / Peter Möricke

Publisher: Jeroen Hofman in cooperation with hazazaH - Film & Photography

Design: JongeMeesters: Serge Scheepers, Jeroen Bruijn

Printed: Zwaan Printmedia

Year: 2011

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Pages: 130 pp.

Size: 37,5 x 29 cm

Language: Dutch / English

Notes: Edition 1.000, out of print

About the book:

Jeroen Hofman portrays Dutch training grounds where the Fire Department, the Police and the Military are trained in realistic scenarios. In surreal ghost towns the emergency services try to prepare for what is factually unknowable: the future. Within the boundaries of this 'playground' the chaos seems controllable for a moment; even if only for the duration of the exercise.

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