Kiyoshi Suzuki - Soul and Soul (Signed by Machiel Botman)


Kiyoshi Suzuki - Soul and Soul (Signed by Machiel Botman)


Title: Soul and Soul

Photographer: Kiyoshi Suzuki

Design: Hans Miedema, with Ype van Gorkum, Marco Wiegers, Wim Melis, Olaf Veenstra and Machiel Botman

Publisher: Aurora Borealis Foundation / Noorderlicht

ISBN: 9789076703350 

Year: 2008

Binding: Softcover with plastic wrapper

Size: 24 x 29 cm

Language: English

Notes: First edition 2008 - 1000 copies. Out of print

Second edition 2009 - 1000 copies.

The book Soul and Soul, published by Noorderlicht's Aurora Borealis, recreates the original stained and disarrayed dummy of the book Soul and Soul that was self-published in 1972 by the photographer, Kiyoshi Suzuki

Dutch photographer Machiel Botman was working on an exhibition of Suzuki's work for Noorderlicht's photo gallery, when he came across the original hand-made mock-up of Soul and Soul in the photographer's garage.

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