Koto Bolofo - Vroom! Vroom! (Signed copy)


Koto Bolofo - Vroom! Vroom! (Signed copy)


Title: Vroom! Vroom!
Photographer: Koto Bolofo

Text: Koto Bolofo
Design: Steidl Design
Publisher: Steidl
ISBN: 9783865219619
Year: 2010
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 96 pp.

Size: 30 x 38 cm

Language: English

About the artist:

Koto Bolofo (South Africa 1959), the London-based fashion photographer, has reached the top of his craft despite a turbulent upbringing; he fled with his family as political exiles from South Africa in his youth, ultimately settling in Great Britain. Despite having no formal education in photography, he moved up quickly in the industry and has become internationally renowned for his work, appearing in high-end editorial and fashion magazines such as Vogue and GQ. He has published numerous books with the famed publishing house Steidl.

To achieve a stronger connection with his subjects, he visits all of them before the shoots, so that they can “grow as friends”. “You have to LOVE people and understand them,” Bolofo explains.

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