Machiel Botman - Rainchild (Signed copy)


Machiel Botman - Rainchild (Signed copy)


Title: Rainchild

Photographer: Machiel Botman

Text: Machiel Botman

Design: Machiel Botman

Publisher: English: Schaden

French: Le Point du Jour Éditeur

ISBN: English: 3923187334

French: 2912132371 

Year: 2014

Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket (Van Waarden, Zaandam)

Printing: Rosbeek, Nuth

Pages: 120 pp.

Size: 28 x 22,5 cm

Language: English or French

Notes: The first edition consists of 1.500 copies in English and 1.000 copies in French.

Each book has a signed slipcase, edition of 26, lettered A-Z, and comes with a silverprint.

Machiel Botman's (b. 1955, the Netherlands) work is very personal, autobiographical and often arises instinctively. He emphasizes the power and meaning of a photographer and his own personal relation to the person or place portrayed. Botman creates warm and intimate photos and captures images that people were not aware of before.

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