Martien Mulder - From blue to blue


Martien Mulder - From blue to blue


Title: From blue to blue

Photographer: Martien Mulder

Publisher: Self Published

Design: Martien Mulder

Year: 2010

Binding: Softcover

Pages: 24 pp.

Size: 25 x 20 cm

About the book:

Martien Mulder From Blue To Blue The work of New York based fine art photographer Martien Mulder (1971, NL). She is a minimalist, but her images are sober in a warm and accessible manner. She enjoys pointing her lens at many different subjects in search for the same result…a calm delicately abstract representation of them. Martien Mulder’s photographs reflect her travels, her movements and her life. Her images are a search for the calm, uncluttered beauty she finds in her personal surroundings. Her subject matter is endless and of great variety, since she travels with her always alert eye, and could stumble upon anything… anywhere. This variety in content asks for a strong and consistent approach and Mulder seems “to reveal the essence of any subject without force”. - Photography Now.

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