New Dutch Photography Talent 2018


New Dutch Photography Talent 2018


Title: New Dutch Photography Talent 2018

Publisher: Xpublishers, Amsterdam

Year: 2017

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 420 pp

Size: 166 × 225 mm

Language: English

New is a book, a catalogue, a style-guide featuring the best 100 emerging Dutch photographers annually. New is a platform, initiated by GUP magazine

With its 420 pages it is the style guide for art directors, curators, collectors, art lovers and photographers.

With a print run of 3.000 copies New makes sure featured talent will receive the attention and the global platform it deserves.

Notes: Special offer! Get two previous editions with a discount when you order New 2018.

Every edition of New has four different covers. New, created by the people behind GUP Magazine, every year presents the 100 most talented photographers the Netherlands has to offer.

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