Paul Cupido (b. 1972, the Netherlands) is an islander, born on a Dutch island of Terschelling. Since a very early age, he was attached to nature and this desire to understand and embrace the nature, later in his life, started to appear in his work. His main inspiration is life and its impermanence, the process of genesis, metamorphosis and inevitable disappearance, as well as the symbolic correspondences between earth and body. Apart from this, he is also focused on understanding the universal desire for love. The act of photographing for Cupido is not just performed to document something that exists. Instead of focusing on a final result, the photographer is more concentrated on the process that almost like a meditation affects his body and mind and connects him to an existential sense of life.

Paul Cupido has graduated with honours from Fotoacademie, Amsterdam in 2017 and the same year was already chosen as New Dutch Photography Talent 2018. The following year, 2018, he was invited to participated in the showcase at Haute Photographie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2019, Cupido presented his work at Photo London (UK), Photo Basel (CH) and in the exhibition Nude Now at Museum Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Since his discovery by the New Dutch Photography Talent, he already published three books: Senses (Signed & numbered), Éphémère, Searching for Mu and another important spiritual journey into his inner self - Continuum.

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