Paul den Hollander - Voyage Botanique


Paul den Hollander - Voyage Botanique


Title: Voyage Botanique

Photographer: Paul den Hollander

Design: Reynoud Homan

Publisher: Paul den Hollander

ISBN: 9080084948 NL/EN

908008493x FR /EN

9080084956 PO / EN

Year: 1997

Binding: Softcover

Pages: 100

Size: 32 x 32 cm.

Language: French / English / Dutch / Portuguese

About the author:

Nature has always played an important part in Paul den Hollander's life. As a child, he would marvel at all the life in the small garden of his parents' house, collected images of animals and went on nature trips with his family. Later on in life, however, he learned that photography also enabled him to express his inner world, a life-changing experience that started a long journey.

He could see two possible directions to choose from after he finished his secondary education: forestry or art. Although he opted for art, gardening will always be one of his strongest passions and subjects of his work. 

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