Robert van der Hilst - Intérieurs Cubains


Robert van der Hilst - Intérieurs Cubains


Title: Intérieurs Cubains

Photographer: Robert van der Hilst 

Text: Zoé Valdés

Design: Maurice Coriat

Publisher: Institut Néerlandais

ISBN: 9782913252585

Year: 2002

Binding: Softcover

Pages: 63 pp.

Size: 22,1 x 27,1 cm

Language: French

About the book:

"What attracted Van der Hilst to the baroque Cuban decor, the multitude of gestures, the convulsions of an old elegance, dignified poverty, the spontaneous submission in the eyes, the perfect rainbow-colored reflection of a plant or a brush stroke on the wall, was correct which always repulsed me because I had experienced it myself too much. I will also keep repeating that I get a bad mood when I see the beauty of poverty in a painting. But the Cuban poverty it's sad but where sells well. And only very few consumers are able to think about the cause of this terrible manipulation, for which the Castro dictatorship is primarily responsible.”- By Zoé Valdés, translation Birgit Adriaens, NRC.

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