Ruud van Empel - Moon World Venus


Ruud van Empel - Moon World Venus


Title: Moon World Venus

Photographer: Ruud van Empel

Tekst: Drs. Frank van de Schoor / Dr. Jan Baptist Bedaux

Design: Ruud van Empel

Publisher: Ruud van Empel / Museum Het Valkhof

ISBN: 9789090210599

Year: 2007

Binding: Hardcover

Printed: Drukkerij Slinger, Alkmaar

Pages: 151 pp.

Size: 30 x 23 cm

Language: Dutch / English

About the book:

Moon World Venus, published in 2006, in conjunction with an exhibit at the Museum Het Valkhom, Nijmegen.

"The van Empel potraits are very painterly, with lush, high precision tableaux set behind the figure. And yet the figures themselves are very straightforward. The combination lends the pictures as sense of impossibility, or innocence, or contrast, or an aura of sinister trouble awaiting. They’re definitely not boring, and not anything that could have been done before the advent of the new technology.

The monograph has a complete set of all of van Empel’s work to date, so the evolution and refinement of his ideas can be seen more clearly.” - Loring Knoblauch.

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