There isn't a lot of information in English about this mysterious Dutch photographer with a rhyming name Sanne Sannes (1937-1967). Dead at the age of 30 in a car accident in Bergen, the Netherlands, Sannes would always be remembered not only by the fans of black-and-white photography but by all photography enthusiasts altogether. And this is mainly because the photographer didn't just take regular pictures of people. He deeply dedicated himself to each photoshoot, producing individual reflections of the human psyches. Some of the characteristics of Sannes' photography are heavy grain and motion blur. The latter was a result of a very slow shutter speed as Sannes loved working with 1/25 of a second to erase the boundaries between reality and a dream. He also only worked with existing light and a hand-held camera. Without restricting himself to any technical aspects, Sannes experimented a lot with close-ups and crops. Moreover, he scratched and painted on his negatives and exposed prints multiple times.