Sanne Sannes - Visionary Vision (softcover)


Sanne Sannes - Visionary Vision (softcover)

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Title: Visionary Vision

Photographer: Sanne Sannes

Text: Tsuyoshi Kawasoe

Design: Yoshihisa Tanaka

Edited: LimArt

Printed: k.k.elba

Publisher: Kahmann Gallery

ISBN: 9784990525422

Year: 2011

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 20 x 29,5 cm

Language: English / Japanese

Notes: Hardcover. First Edition of 100 hardcover copies and 500 softcover copies.

About the author:

During his brief photographic career Sannes became renowned for his taste for the erotic, his fascination with women and approach to seduction. His timeless imagery recalls the atmosphere of the sixties, which acted as an impulse both for his models and for his own super talent in photography.  

After his untimely death at the age of 30, with a photographic career of only eight years, Sannes' oeuvre is still on par with internationally acclaimed Dutch photographers such Ed van der Elsken. That Sannes earned his merit in the world of creative photography with his keen and intensely poetic eye regarding women shall be obvious to contemporary viewers. Jim Hughes, Camera 35 Editor wrote: 'Sannes, a controversial Dutch photographer, did not make easy photographs. Certainly, he did not make pretty photographs. I'm not even sure he made photographs. He made explorations of people, of their outsides and their insides, and sent back picture postcards of their psyches.' 

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